Turning back time, to the era of Venetian and Ottoman rule we find that the city of Chania had developed trade and shipping. Because of the city’s geographical location and prevailing weather conditions, it created the need for the Venetian harbor.


The Venetian Lighthouse of Chania is built on a natural water breaker rock. Initially it worked as an open flame torch while the architectural elements are attached to Cretan tradition and was shaped by the late Venetian period onwards, and since it has taken the form we see now.

It resembles more of a minaret on the external appearance and the internal as well, as an internal staircase leads onto the balcony with the glass tower. For this reason, the experts cannot group the architecture with one of the standard beacons as it neither has residence for the guards because of the fact that it is part of a residential area.

The height of the lighthouse reaches 21 meters while the light illuminates up to a distance of seven miles. It is a jewel of the city of Chania and trademark as well as a featured attraction in all the world’s travel guides.!

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